Combined Work

We stand out in our industry due to all our combination possibilities. Consult our specialists for the best applications for your product. CZL Tilburg’s entire offering is complementary. With our three pillars, corrosion resistance, hardness/wear resistance, and a cosmetic layer, we have a complete package for every customer and their requirements.

Some of these pillars have multiple possible solutions and/or options. The beauty of all these possibilities is that they can also be applied in combination. The most common combination is, of course, the Nickel-Chrome combination, but there are many more possibilities.

Consider the following combinations:

  • Chromium platings – Black oxidizing -grinding
  • Nickel plating – Black oxidizing
  • Milling – Surface grinding – Chrome plating – Electroless nickel plating – Surface grinding
  • MCP® Micro Chrome Plating – Dicronite® Dry Lubrication

The customer has to outsource to only one location and transfer full responsibility for this process to us as we can perform all these processes under one roof. Additionally, not having to transport from one place to another saves costs and often prevents damage. The customer can be fully relieved of all concerns and everything will be taken care of. With this, we can confidently say that we are truly unique among surface treatment providers.

Contact our specialists

Our specialists have decades of experience in working on complex products. They know which techniques are suitable for your products and are eager to discuss the most appropriate applications. Feel free to contact us to explore the possibilities.

Francis van Oijen
Director marketing & sales
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