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A familiar name in surface treatments and repairs
CZL Tilburg first became active in the field of surface treatments and repairs on high-value technical components 35 years ago. Leading worldwide names from the mechanical engineering, petrochemical,
aviation, hydraulics, automotive, semiconductor, foodstuffs, optics, medical and pharmaceutical industries entrust the treatment and repair of their costly, process-critical components to CZL Tilburg. The following processes and treatments are offered: hard chromium plating, MCP® (Micro Chrome Plating), HP-HVOF thermal spraying, electroless nickel plating, Blackprotect®, black oxidizing, Dicronite® Dry Lubrication, SuNiCoat® Optics, Cylindrical and surface grinding.

All our processes and treatments are executed complying to EN/AS-9100 and customer specifications.

Savings from enhanced durability
The optimisation of production processes is a serious challenge for high-tech businesses in a wide range of sectors. When new cost-cutting options no longer seem to be available, the tiniest details take on a new significance. CZL Tilburg offers the appropriate technology for the task at hand. Tasks relating to such quality requirements such as reduced wear and tear or friction, scratch resistance and durability, resistance to corrosion, hardness, heat resistance, non-magnetic and non-stick properties, or any combination of the foregoing.

The result is invariably a made-to-measure surface of extremely high quality and precision. This kind of quality, high-value surface treatment and repair to your process-critical components can make a direct contribution to the realisation of longer, uninterrupted operating times, the continuity of the business, and a demonstrably sustainable saving on costs.

Repair of costly, process-critical components.
The diversity of surface treatments, LASER welding techniques and mechanical operations deployed by CZL Tilburg means all options are open to you when it comes to professional repair of your costly components. Since all repair operations are carried out in one place (one-stop-shopping) you have a single point of contact, and the time of passage is kept to a minimum. A team of specialists carries out the processes and operations using modern installations and qualitatively high-value machinery.

Details make the difference
Surface treatment is often the last operation to be carried out on a mechanically finished product and is therefore crucial to the ultimate quality and time of passage. CZL Tilburg understands better than anyone the importance of this final link in the production chain, which is why we always take the utmost care of your costly products. The knowledge and experience of CZL Tilburg in the application of refined surface-treatment technologies is what makes the difference.

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