About us

About us

Notorious in surface engineering and repairs

CZL Tilburg has been operating in surface engineering and repairs of technical high-quality components for over 40 years. Prominent worldwide companies from various industries trust us with the treatment and repair of their valuable, process-critical components. For example, companies from industries such as high-tech, mechanical engineering, chemical, aerospace, energy, hydraulics, automotive, food, optical, medical and pharmaceutical. By merging Custom Special Tools and CZL Tilburg into one company we create the unique possibility to provide total care by offering more combined chemical and mechanical surface engineering activities. The craftsmanship of our 100 employees and the dominance of our processes enable us to offer great added value to our customers. The surface engineering, we offer consists of Black oxidizing, Electroless nickel, Hardchrome, MCP® Micro Chrome Plating, SuNiCoat® Optics, Blackprotect®, Dicronite® Dry Lubrication, HP-HVOF Thermal Spraying and High Speed Lasercladding. The mechanical processes exist of Cylindrical grinding, Surface grinding, Super finishing, Belt Grinding, Laserwelding, CNC Milling, Wire and diesink electrical discharge machining.

Our Mission

Improving the product of our customers with a passion for service engineering.

Our Vision

CZL Tilburg acts subservient and customer-focused to provide solutions for any technical issues in the manufacturing industry. We are flexible, we have a short and reliable lead time and we deliver high quality. We built on our passion and expertise in surface engineering. We sustain, repair, modify and create high-quality products for our customers. What makes us unique is the large variety of processes at our location. As a family business, we take great care of our employees. We work safely and pay attention to a clean environment.

The best layer

We have the right technology for every issue, due to years of building knowledge and experience and due to our wide variety of processes. Regardless of whether the issue concerns quality measures such as limiting wear and tear, friction, scratch and wear out prevention, corrosion resistance, hardness, heat resistance, chemical resistance, anti-reflective, non-magnetic and non-stick features or a combination of any of the preceding matters. The result will always be a tailor-made custom-sized high-quality surface with the desired properties. Our specialists will make sure they will apply the best layer for you.

Safety, Quality and Environment

For the execution of our chemical activities, we have a relatively large amount of chemicals present in our process baths. Therefore, we are a BRZO company (Besluit Risico’s Zware Ongevallen) and we have an integrated quality, safety and environment management system with a.o. a PBZO document, in which we describe our prevention policy to prevent (serious) accidents. The safety within our company is checked by the government at least once a year.

In terms of quality management, we are certified according to the EN-ISO-9001 en EN-9100 for aviation and aerospace.

In terms of environmental management, CZL Tilburg is certified according to the NEN-EN-ISO 14001.