Applications, Industries and technical details HP-HVOF thermal spraying

Applications, industries and technical details HP-HVOF thermal spraying

Applications Industries
Pump axes Pump industry
Seals and O-rings, gaskets Powerstations
Extrusion screws Gas/oil turbines
Wear and tear components Processing industry, refineries
Glass mouldings Plastic processing industry
Propeller shafts Electro-technical industry
Removable strips Steel industry
Conveyors Aviation
Backing trays Mechanical engineering
Sleeves Glass industry
Wear rings Automotive industry
Landing carriage components Maritime
Gas, steam, turbine compartments Paper industry
Turbine blades Domestic
Sliding and rotating parts  


Technical details HP-HVOF

Layer thickness Depending on coating type: 25-5.000 µm
Hardness 300 – 1.500 HV
Corrosion protection Very good
Wear resistance Extremely high
Substrates Suited for all materials
Process temperature 80 – 200 ºC
Special standards I.a. AMS 2447
Weight Up to 3.000 kg
Coating types  WC Co / WC Co Cr / CrC Cr Ni / Fe Cr Ni