Chemical nickel 5

Applications and technical details chemical nickel

Applications Industries
Piston rods Machine engineering
Machine parts Hydraulics
Tools Aviation and space travel
Air bearings Medical
Gears Farmaceutical
Valves Automotive Petrochemistry
Compressors dividing blocks   Semiconductor
Conductions Plastic processing industry
Moulds Textile
Pumps Food industry
Vacuum parts Off-shore
Clean room equipment Injection moulding
Laboratory Agriculture

Technical details medium phosphorus nickel

(Low and high phosphorus are also possibilities, request the technical details from one of our specialists)

Characteristics Medium phosphorus
Layer thickness 1-100 µm
Phosphorus level 6-9%
Hardness 520 HV - 1000HV*
Corrosion protection Good
Magnetic Ferromagnetic
Wear resistance Good
Process temperature Max 90°
Weight Up to 1.000Kg