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Locationno. 1056
Boterberg 30
5047 ST Tilburg The Netherlands
tel. +31 (0)13 570 33 70
fax +31 (0)13 570 49 06

Socially responsible business practice

Environmental protection
Environmental protection is an issue that affects us all. As a user of metallic chemicals, CZL Tilburg naturally feels it has a particular obligation in this regard. The 50 well-qualified employees of CZL Tilburg are very careful in the way they use and handle chemicals, raw materials and energy. Whereas many other companies regard government policy on working conditions and the environment as a burden, for CZL Tilburg the opposite is true. Because we are always looking for a profit from our investment in environmentally responsible, sustainable business. These two things are not mutually exclusive. Our long-term employees, low levels of absenteeism, water management and constant development are good evidence of this. As an employer and as a metal finisher, we are always aware of our great responsibility. We therefore make an important contribution to socially responsible business practice, a contribution for which we were recognised with an award from the Tilburg municipality in 2008.

Minimal use of chemicals
CZL Tilburg removes most of the contaminants from its waste water using the worldwide-patented ELFLOX system. Minimum quantities of chemicals are used, with maximum recycling of water.

Cost savings
CZL Tilburg anticipates on the standards of the future. Socially responsible and sustainable business practice leads to an immediate saving on costs in combination with a head start in knowledge and technology. This too is socially responsible business practice.

Objectives and measures of CZL Tilburg:

  • We seek to deploy favourably priced, environmentally friendly production methods.
  • We set stricter standards than what is required by law, and we are always exploring environmentally friendly, sustainable technologies.
  • We stimulate the development and deployment of environmentally friendly, recyclable products and means of production.
  • We minimise our consumption of natural raw materials by avoiding, reducing and recycling waste and by reducing the use of and recycling water. Non-recyclable waste is professionally handled and disposed of.
  • Energy is deployed frugally, and where possible used more than once.
  • We undertake to make continuous improvements in relation to the environment and health and safety.
  • We conduct an open dialogue with government bodies, institutes and coordinating organisations such as VOM, NGO-SBG.
  • Our employees are schooled and trained in matters of environmental awareness and safety in the workplace.
  • We undertake to avoid accidents and malfunctions, and to protect the health of our employees,  by taking active precautionary measures.