Quality & environment

Measured to the strictest possible standards
CZL Tilburg aims to provide high-value quality and has had demonstrable success in this regard. ISO 9001 certification (uninterrupted since 1999) provides us with our starting point. EN/AS-9100 was added in 2008. Processes are tested regularly in relation to hardness,
anti-corrosive properties and hydrogen brittleness to ensure that all customer-specific requirements can be fulfilled. In practice this means CZL Tilburg complies to the strictest criteria applicable to suppliers in aviation and space travel. These criteria are recognised worldwide as a guarantee of top quality.

Serving customers even better than before
Our extreme quality requirements go hand in hand with customer satisfaction. CZL Tilburg works continuously to improve and optimise her production processes and tests the results with her customers. We are dedicated to the pursuit of ongoing improvement in every service we provide.

More about Quality / Environment:
- Socially responsible business practice
- REACH-legislation

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