Ultra high speed LASER Cladding

Innovation in layer technique! We are proud to present you our latest investment, a newly developed Hornet ultra-high-speed LASER cladding system. CZL Tilburg is the first company in Europe to install a ultra-high-speed LASER cladding system to be operated for external customers. The technology has been developed by the Fraunhofer-Institute for Laser Technology in Aachen.

The system has been developed to apply surface layers to improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance and to repair damaged surfaces. The temperature influenced zone is marginal.

Potential applications: - Hard, wear-resistant shafts - High corrosion resistance on shafts and rollers - 3D-printing of flanges half-way a shaft

Ultra-high-speed LASER-cladding is a further technological development of the well-known conventional LASER-cladding. The new system is a LASER-welding technique using very marginal heat input.

Addition materials can be selected from a variety of (hard-)metal powders (i.e. Inconel 625, Stellite, SS-316, Chrome and Tungsten carbides) enabling a wide scope of specific properties.

Unconventional combinations like Ti/Cu, Fe/Ti or Fe/Al offers extra technological possibilities.

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Technical specifications

Equipement Instruments Moulds Punches Cutting tools Knives Rollers
Machine engineering Hydraulics Aviation and space travel Semicondutor Medical and Pharmacy Petrochemistry Automotive Optical Agriculture Nautical


Layer thickness : 0,05 tot 0,3mm
Outer dia : tot 700mm, 3000mm lang
Inner dia : vanaf 95mm 500mm diep

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