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SuNiCoat® Optics

Superior nickel coating for workable nickel
CZL Tilburg has more than 25 years experience in electroless and electrolytic nickel phosphorous for a wide range of industries. We offer a special nickel phosphorous coating for optical and technical applications.

Our personnel have many years experience in the application of workable diamond nickel phosphorous (NiP). They have a broad knowledge of the requirements customers must comply with in relation to such coatings.

Flawless nickel coatings
The process specialists of CZL Tilburg have developed both a electroless and a galvanic nickel phosphorous coating to overcome the existing limitations of electroless nickel-plating processes. Traditional processes cannot apply coatings thicker than 200 microns without the risk of pitting and skip plating. Using SuNiCoat® it is possible to build up a flawless electrolytic nickel phosphorous coating as thick as 2000 microns.

Specialists choose SuNiCoat® workable nickel phosphorous.
Turning and milling specialists all over the world choose to use SuNiCoat® for their precision optical components such as mould inserts for contact lenses, intra-ocular lenses, technical lenses for CD and DVD players and mobile phones. SuNiCoat® is also used for micro-fluid injection moulding and hot embossing components.

Advantages of SuNiCoat® Optics:
 • Flawless nickel (no pitting or skip plating)
 • Easy to work
 • Thicknesses < 2000 micrometres
 • Prolonged useful life of tools
 • Savings on tool costs
 • Prolonged useful life of coated components
 • More than 20 years experience
 • Both electroless and electrolytic nickel

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Technical specifications

Mould inserts for contact lenses
Technical lenses
Precision optics
Moulds and tools
CD-DVD- Telephones
Space travel
Layer thickness : up to 2.000 µm
Hardness as deposited : 49-54 HRC, 500-600HV
Phosphorus content : 12-14%
Corrosion protection : Above 1.000 hours (25 µm)
Friction coëfficiënt : 0,2
Melting point : 900 ºC
Internal stress : No
Coëfficiënt of
thermal expansion
: 12 ppm / K
Thermal conductivity : 8,4 W/mK