HP-HVOF thermal spraying

Optimal resistance to wear, corrosion or a combination of both
The HVOF process is one of many surface treatments on the market, and it is a thermal treatment. By using this process it is possible to apply anti-corrosive, durable coatings in thicknesses varying from a few microns to several millimetres. The spray material is loaded in the form of powder into the HVOF spray gun, and after precipitation it forms an extremely well-sealed coating with high adhesive strength and minimal porosity (< 1%). The temperature load on the work-piece is unusually low in this process ( <200°C) so that mechanical properties are not normally affected.

The HVOF process can be used to spray on a variety of materials. Most of these materials are designed to improve durability and/or resistance to corrosion. To that end they contain wolfram or chromium carbides in a matrix of cobalt, chromium, nickel or iron. Finishing of the durable coatings is carried out by grinding, polishing or super-finishing using diamond tools. Other types of coating can usually be finished in the conventional fashion.

Coating layers to your requirements
Since the temperature load on the work-piece is low (it can be kept below 80°C if desired) it is possible to coat a wide variety of substrates. Including all such metals as bronze, steel, aluminium, stainless steel etc, and even plastics!. Combined coatings such as hard metal on stainless steel, or a spray coat combination covered by a galvanic top coating, can also be applied. All these coatings and combinations of coatings are used in both repair work and new construction. It is even possible to carry out repairs with a filler layer to restore the original dimensions or profile, followed by a durable coating so that the repaired component will perform better than the original!

Optimal quality in application and workability
CZL Tilburg has the most recent and up-to-date HVOF installation whereby it is possible to vary the properties over a wide range using a hydrogen-stabilised spray gun. For the user this means we can offer a broad assortment of spray coatings. We also have our own laboratory facilities (hardness, structure, image analysis) so that we can develop a new or unfamiliar coating type very quickly to determine the best balance of potential coating properties.

We have highly skilled personnel and all the necessary equipment and materials at our disposal to ensure optimal finishing of the coatings applied.

C-CJS principle

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Technical specifications

Pump axles
Seals and o-ring gaskets
Extrusion screws
Wear and tear components
Glass moulding
Propeller shafts
Removable strips
Rolling conveyors
Baking trays
Wear rings
Landing carriage components
Gas-, stoom turbinedelen
Turbine blades
Sliding and rotating parts
Pump industry
Power stations and gas/oil turbines
Processing industry, refineries
Plastic processing industry
Electro-technical industry
Steel industry
Mechanical engineering
Glass industry
Automotive industry
Paper industry
Layer thickness : 25-5.000 µm*
Hardness : 300 -  1.500 HV
Corrosion protection : Very good*
Wear resistance : Extreme high*
Substrates : All metals
Process temperature : 80 - 200 ºC
Specifications : AMS 2447
Weight : up to 3.000 Kg
Type(s) of layer : WC Co / WC Co Cr / CrC Cr Ni / Fe Cr Ni
* Depending on type of layer

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