A tried and tested technique for toughening surfaces and repairing components.
Hard chromium coatings, also referred to in the market as technical chrome, are applied by a galvanising process. The coatings are characterized by their superior durability and resistance to corrosion, anti-stick properties and low coefficient of friction.
CZL Tilburg is a leading specialist in hard chromium plating with more than 30 years of knowledge and experience to draw upon, applying coatings both internally and externally to the most complex components and substrates. The processes used by CZL Tilburg fulfil the most stringent requirements, including aviation standards, and are periodically tested for hardness, resistance to corrosion and hydrogen brittleness. The low processing temperature (< 60º C.) excludes the risk of deformation in complex components, and allows hardened components to be treated without risk provided they are properly tempered.

Chromium to measure
Depending on their thickness and shape, CZL Tilburg can apply chromium coatings that are dimensionally stable. This means no further finishing processes are required, thus reducing both cost and times of passage.

Oversize chromium plating and polishing to size
Hard chromium plating is a galvanising process whereby unwanted accumulation may occur at the edges which has to be removed. If a coating cannot be applied exactly to the specified thickness,
CZL Tilburg can apply an extra thick coating and then machine it down to size.

Duplex (electroless) nickel-chromium
If anti-corrosion requirements are extremely high, CZL Tilburg can apply a duplex nickel-chrome coating.
A dimensionally stable, electroless nickel layer is applied first, and finished with a durable chrome layer.

Nickel sulphamate-chromium
Corrosion resistance can be guaranteed even in the most extreme circumstances by applying a special nickel sulphamate coating. Nickel sulphamate is a galvanised, low voltage nickel layer used as a substrate for hard chromium and HVOF coatings or as an independent coating in itself, depending on the application.

Repair of high-value technical components one-stop-shopping
Hard chromium coatings can be applied to substantial coating thicknesses on the most varied of substrates including aluminium and super alloys such as inconell and monel.
The technique is therefore particularly well suited for repairing worn or damaged components within the original dimensions.
CZL Tilburg is a master in the art of repairing your precious components.

All treatments, both galvanising and mechanical, are carried out at a single location by a team of specialists using the most modern installations and equipment.

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Technical specifications

Piston rod
Cylindrical mounting surfaces
Bearing surfaces
Compression Moulds
Main shafts
Revision and rework
Machine engineering
Aviation and space travel
Medizinisch und Pharmazie
Plastic processing industry
Injection moulding
Agriculture and horticulture
Thickness : up to 1000 µm
Hardness : 800 - 1100 HV
Wear resistance : Excellent
Corrosion protection : Good to very good
Friction coëfficiënt : Chrome on steel 0,16
Tensile strength : 98 - 390 Mpa
Magnetic : No
Compressive stress : 0
Tensile stress : Above 1100 N/mm²
Plating to size : up to 50 µm
Substrates : Steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, inconell, monel
Process temperature : up to 60 ºC
Specifications : AMS 2406 - QQC-320
Weight : up to 5.000 Kg.

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