Dicronite® Dry Lubrication

Extremely low coefficient of friction
Using an ultra-thin coating (<0.5 micrometre) of Dicronite® Dry Lubrication, CZL Tilburg applies a lubricating film to the surface which greatly reduces friction, heat, and wear and tear. This is directly attributable to the extremely low coefficient of friction of 0.030. In places where the use of grease, oil or some other lubricant is impossible, Dicronite® provides the solution. This applies furthermore within a temperature range of -188ºC to +538ºC.

Environmentally friendly alternative
The application of Dicronite® takes place at room temperature. The technique of dry lubrication is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional methods because no use is made of binders or carriers. Dicronite® even complies with Military Specification DOD-L-85645A Type 1, and has proven biocompatibility in accordance with ISO-10993 and USP class 6.

Dicronite® can be applied to all metal substrates. The technology has a broad range of applications in numerous industries such as aviation and space travel, plastics, the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, vacuum environments, clean rooms and general mechanical engineering. Even NASA relies on this technology; in fact dry lubrication has been used in the space shuttles for many years now.

Simple clearance during injection moulding
Dicronite® is currently used on a wide scale in the plastic processing industry. This wafer-thin, dry lubricant coating has very low friction and excludes any possibility of contamination. These distinctive properties are particularly advantageous in the injection moulding of plastics. Product clearance from the mould proceeds without a hitch, and the wear and tear to mould components and ejection pins is considerably reduced.

In combination with MCP®, electroless nickel and HVOF
To enhance the above-mentioned properties and the resistance to corrosion even further, CZL Tilburg combines Dicronite® with other surface treatment techniques such as MCP®, electroless nickel and HVOF. Dicronite® Dry Lubrication can also be used as a co-lubricant in combination with traditional materials such as oil and grease.

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Technical specifications

Bearing surfaces
Linear Bearings
Ejector pins
Mould parts
Precisionengineering parts
Hoog vacuümequipement
Space travel
Plastic processing industry
Mechanical engineering
Electro technical industry
Layer thickness : up to 0,5 µm
Friction coëfficiënt : 0,03
Max. load : Equal to substrate
Electrical conducting : Yess
Magnetic : No
Appearance : Anthracite
Substrates : Metals and plastics
Process temperature : up to 35 ºC
Specifications : US-FDA approved, USP class 6,
DOD-L-8564 A Type 1, ISO-10993
Weight : up to 1.000 Kg.

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