Black oxidizing

Black oxidizing of steel and stainless steel

Guaranteed unchanged dimensions
CZL Tilburg carries out the black annealing of steel and stainless steel in a fully automated production line for drum and suspension work. This production line is very well suited for the treatment of single pieces, repetition work and mass production. During the chemical treatment - in an immersion bath of alkaline solution at < 150ºC - the pieces receive a uniform, dark-black outer coating. The unique feature of this process is that the original dimensions are retained. After blackening, the components are preserved to guarantee lasting resistance to corrosion.

Decorative and multifunctional
Apart from being decorative, the dark-black oxide layer that attaches itself to the surface during black annealing adds multifunctional properties to that surface. These include reduced reflectivity, long-lasting resistance to impact and scratching, and resistance to corrosion during dry storage.

 • Black annealing of steel and stainless steel
 • 24 hour service
 • Production facility for single pieces, repetition work, bulk and drum work
 • Max. product dimensions: 1.800 x 500 x 900 mm
 • Weight < 400 kg (exceptions bookable)

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Technical specifications

Parts of:
Printing presses,
Furniture and interior
Mechanical engineering
Laagdikte : up to 0,5 µm
Preservation Steel : Castrol DWX 30
Corrosion protection : 3-6 months at dry storage
Substrates : Steel, stainless steel
Process temperature : up to 150 ºC
Weight : up to 1.000 Kg

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